Tree Trimming

Tree foliage can sometimes become too thick and block light to your garden or building, there are a number of options available, depending on your tree’s circumstances.

Thinning - will not change the size of the tree but will introduce more light by removing smaller or crossing branches.

Crown Lifting or Raising - the lower limbs of the tree are removed to increase the clearance level from the ground  to clear driveways, fences or other areas that people or vehicle’s may pass. It does not change the height of a tree but will allow more light and encourage other plants to grow around the tree.

Dead Wooding – the dead limbs are removed to ensure healthy growth and appearance.

Mulching - AWTSR provides tree mulching services to accompany our tree removal or tree trimming services. After we have removed or trimmed your tree, we can mulch the cut branches and tree trunks, completely clearing the area and providing you with useful tree mulch or it can be taken away, the choice is your

Albury Wodonga Tree Mulching Service

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